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24 KB (3,509 words) - 21:52, 20 July 2014 Military Macho-Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo be seen as an effective way to “feminize” one’s enemy by violating “
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17 KB (2,258 words) - 15:54, 23 July 2014 Sadism and masochism in fiction The book is a linked collection of stories in which sadism is a theme
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Challenging Evil is full of grassroots stories from the core of The
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revealed and accelerated the feminizing of American evangelicalism
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31 KB (4,397 words) - 22:09, 12 April 2014 Bà Chúa Xứ fact, an appropriated and feminized statue of the India n god Shiva
Forced Womanhood!: Beware! If you read this you might end up
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12 KB (1,693 words) - 16:43, 3 June 2014 Barbara Myerhoff by a window in her home and tell stories about the people who lived in
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20 KB (3,073 words) - 19:05, 20 July 2014 Mary Martha Sherwood "mistrust of feminized agency," represented by a dying child in
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30 KB (4,521 words) - 08:25, 26 July 2014 Welfare queen magazine published sensational stories about mothers abusing the
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frequently running stories in which southerners and northerners fought
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The seduction and enslavement of Paul and Jenny Johnson
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From studies and personal stories of family members, scholars have
Those who have been willing to share their stories, report
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6 KB (865 words) - 03:32, 8 January 2014 Childfree largely on women, contributing to the feminization of poverty in the U
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to her dominance through continued forced feminization and crossdressing
The prevalence of death in Sherwood's early stories and her vivid portrayal
In May 1992, in her writing, she claimed to have feminized Earth First
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109 KB (15,966 words) - 05:30, 22 July 2014 Judi Bari After seven weeks of continual news stories citing repeated police
afterward, her husband Charles succumbed to typhoid fever
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Titillating TG captions: Forced feminization to make a husband
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to profile the life stories of women who sacrificed for, and
with credible stories of such going back at least to
60 KB (8,162 words) - 17:26, 24 July 2014 Pinafore eroticism Petticoating, also called pinaforing, is a type of forced feminization that
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22 KB (3,288 words) - 04:11, 26 July 2014 Anarcha-feminism as the "feminization of society
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Many stories source her as simply being discovered where she sits on
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9 KB (1,271 words) - 08:42, 17 July 2014 Feminization of migration As such, feminized labor has typically been considered "unskilled"
brassièred: a complete guide to brassière discipline
Too many women have been de-feminized by society
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16 KB (2,383 words) - 14:07, 24 May 2014 Sarah Josepha Hale In 1823, with the financial support of her late husband's Freemason
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